2012 Schedule

Check back for detailed info about sessions as X-Summit approaches!  Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Day One – November 6, 2012

TimeKing Ballroom
8:30-9:30amDoors, registration and breakfast
9:30-9:45amOpening remarks
9:45-10:30amKEYNOTE: Dynamic Storyworlds
10:30-11:00amNetworking break
11:00-12:00pmAttracting Audiences: IDM as Marketing Vehicle or Story Extension (Panel)
12:00-1:15pmNetworking Lunch
1:15-1:45pmServing the Story: Technology vs Relevance (Presentation)
1:45-2:15pmThe Art and Business of Transmedia: Technology, Storytelling and Design (Presentation)
2:15-2:45pmBringing Digital Stories to Life: Transmedia Meets Theatre in ZED.TO (Presentation)
2:45-3:15pmBuzzwords Bingo
3:15-3:45pmNetworking Break
3:45-4:15pmThere is no Spoon: Audience and Participatory TV
4:15-5:00pmKeynote Panel: Story-Telling: The Means, the End and Everything in Between
5:00pm-7:00pmNetworking Reception


Day Two – November 7, 2012

TimeKing Ballroom IKing Ballroom IIRoom DRoom E
8:30-9:15amDoors, registration and breakfast
9:15-10:15amTV on the Internet (Part 1) - The New Yardstick (Panel)You're Making What Now? Pitch-Perfect Clarity (Workshop)New Business Models 2.0 Roundtable1x1 Meetings
10:15-10:45amNetworking Break
10:45-11:45amTV on the Internet (Part 2): Success, Lies and Videotape (Panel)How to be a Multiplatform Super-Producer (Workshop)Managing an Interactive Digital Media Team (Workshop)1x1 Meetings
11:45am-12:45pmWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow? IDM Partnerships Case Studies (Panel)
2:00-3:00pmThe Layercake Approach: Who pays for Transmedia? (Panel)Leader of the Pack: Scope Comes First (Workshop)The Nebulous Nature of Producer: A Cross-Industry Language Roundtable1x1 Meetings
3:30-4:00pmNetworking Break
4:00-5:15pmThe Canadian Interactive Showcase Presented by CMF1x1 Meetings
5:15-5:25pmClosing remarks

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