The X-Summit Protégé Programme – presented by cultureONE

Interactive Ontario is pleased to announce a new program for this year’s X-Summit: The Protégé Programme , made possible with the financial assistance of cultureONE, risk management experts for the creative arts industry.

This important initiative is designed to provide a leg-up for those entering the industry. We realize that there is a lot of keen new talent out there just waiting to be discovered and we want to make sure that these people have an opportunity to experience the X-Summit conference as a full participant. The Protégé Program will provide professional development and networking opportunities to talented producers, strategists or other skilled workers in the interactive space who are just starting out.

This is a great opportunity to bring a junior colleague, intern, recent grad, or someone who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to benefit from a focused industry conference. Protégés must be new to the industry – this program is not designed for established professionals.

How it works:
Industry professionals who have already purchased a pass for the X-Summit conference can submit a short (200 word maximum) description about someone they know who would benefit from attending the conference and why they would benefit from the mentorship.

The first deadline for submissions will be midnight on Wednesday, October 31. After the initial applications are reviewed, if there are still spots available, qualified submissions will be approved as they are received.

Additional Rules:
Person making the nomination must have purchased a regular pass for the conference (e.g. not a speaker, sponsor, volunteer, press, or Start-Up pass holder).

Person making the nomination agrees to assist their Protégé in making the most of the networking opportunities at the conference.

To Apply:

X-Summit delegates may apply of behalf of their Protégé here.